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How to keep your kids safe online

The idea of technological advancements is a bittersweet pill. On the one side, it’s amazing. But on the other hand, it also poses a real threat to our kids. But that’s not what this article is about. We’ve arrived at a time and place in civilisation where everyone lives and breathes online interactions. So that’s why, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the coolest tech tools to help keep kids safe online. Read the full article here.


Teaching kids about bad versus good secrets

When it comes to kids and secrets, there are the good kinds and the bad kinds. So how can you teach your kids the difference between the two? Here’s a crash course in bad versus good secrets, and how to teach your kids the difference between them.


Setting boundaries for older kids

It can be hard to set boundaries for older kids as they mature from preschoolers to teenagers, but it’s still doable. The truth is that kids need boundaries and limits to feel safe. But it can be hard to set them if you’re trying to avoid coercion, threats and bribes. Here’s some advice on how to set boundaries for your older kids without seeming like a monster.


Your 411 on discipline for stepfamilies

Blending a family together can be hard work. But the idea of discipline for stepfamilies can be even more intimidating. Who makes the rules? Who enforced the law? And who is really in charge? Let’s take a look at who’s responsible for what in a mixed family setup.


Why kids don’t need social media on their lives

According to child development experts, Facebook’s new messaging app for kids could end in disaster. The app was developed for kids aged 13 and younger, but kids and social media is one thing that will just never make sense. Kids under 13 years of age aren’t ready to have their own social media accounts. Let alone navigate the complexities of the online world where privacy is always at risk. Kids and social media just don’t mix.