Giving Birth

Welcome to the Kiddles hub for giving birth! On this page, we share all of our tips, tricks, and advice about giving birth and welcoming your baby into this world! Join us on this epic adventure and discover some of the best things about giving birth!

A glance at the birthing hub

In our collection of articles about giving birth, we’ll share some great tips and tricks with you. Our topics cover everything and anything including:

  • Baby names – how and why to pick the best
  • Baby showers – party ideas and games
  • Planning for baby – where and how you can give birth to your baby
  • Nursery room – how to create a peaceful haven for your little human

Baby names

Should you give your baby a weird name? What are some of the best baby girl names? What are some of the coolest baby boy names? How to pick and stick to the best name for your baby?

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Baby showers

Ever wondered how you should go about planning the perfect baby shower? How about deciding on which games to play at baby showers? We’ve got you covered with some great tips, tricks, and advice on planning perfect baby showers.

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Planning for baby

Planning for a baby can be a task that’s easier said than done. Will you have a government or private hospital birth? Where will baby sleep? Are you going to formula feed or breastfeed? What are your options for baby care? Kiddles has a bunch of great information for moms looking to learn more about their options about planning for a baby.

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Nursery room

How can you set up the perfect nursery room? Can nursery rooms really be done on a budget? What are some of the essentials all new moms need in the nursery room? How can you create a functional nursery room? We have a variety of informative and fun reads for new moms and moms-to-be.

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Where you can learn more

If you’re keen to learn more about giving birth and anything related to the topic, feel free to check out these great reads: