This page is all about fertility. We’ll cover an abundance of information about getting pregnant (TTC), fertility problems, fertility treatments, and ovulation. We also cover everything you need to know about family planning as well as miscarriage and loss.

As far as fertility is concerned, ovulation is by far one of the most important aspects of the game. A woman’s fertility can be influenced by a range of problems, but more often than not, irregular ovulation gets in the way of fertility.

Why most women worry about fertility

Women aged 35 and older tend to stress about their fertility a lot since it determines whether or not they’ll become mothers of their own children one day. After the age of 35, there tends to be a significant drop in fertility.

Trying to conceive / How to get pregnant

Is there really something like the best position for conceiving? How can I boost my fertility? What time of the month is best for me to conceive? When do I ovulate?

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Infertility / Fertility problems

After months of trying to conceive, why am I still not pregnant? Am I facing infertility? What are the signs and symptoms of infertility? How is infertility diagnosed?  Should I get myself checked out by a medical professional if I think I might have fertility problems? Is my partner’s sperm good enough for conceiving a baby? Why am I having problems with falling pregnant again after my first child? What is secondary infertility and how can it be treated?

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Fertility options / treatments

Where are some of the best fertility clinics in South Africa? What is IVF? What should I expect to pay for IVF treatments in South Africa? How does intrauterine insemination work? Am I more likely to conceive twins if I get fertility treatment?

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What is ovulation and why does it matter? How can I track my cycle? What happens if I have ovulation issues? How can I boost my cycle and become more fertile?

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Miscarriage and loss

Am I experiencing a miscarriage? How can I learn to deal with the loss of an unborn baby? Can I get pregnant again after a miscarriage? How likely am I to have another miscarriage?

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