Work stress during pregnancy and how to effectively control it

Work stress during pregnancy and how to effectively control it

Work stress during pregnancy can have an adverse effect on your health and the health of your unborn baby. You need to make time for yourself and recognise when things start to escalate and when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Here’s a quick guide to help you manage your stress better during your nine months of pregnancy.

How to curb work stress during pregnancy

Start by getting more organised

If you deal with them one at a time, tasks are much more manageable. Work stress during pregnancy gets worse when you’re constantly thinking about ALL your tasks and have everything on your plate all at once. It’s not healthy and can be way too much for your mind and body to handle. If you’ve got a whack load of things to do at work, do yourself a favour and draw up a plan of attack in order or priority.


The solve problems wherever possible

What are the biggest problems you have at the office right now? When do you tend to feel most stressed at work? Sit down and devise a plan to solve the problem and write that down. It’s really the best plan of attack here. Put your plans into action so you can evaluate them and see if they’re working or not.


Find the source of your stress and avoid it like the plague

If you’re able to identify your true problems, you’ll start recognising the source of your stress. If the problem is your boss or a colleague, it can be tricky to avoid, but you can prepare for and limit the interactions. In many cases, the aggravation we feel has to do with someone else’s problem. If your partner’s work events are the problem, fess up and return that stress to the sender. If a co-worker always asks you to help out with a certain task, teach them how to do it without your help. Right now, you need to be taking care of yourself, and taking on more stress isn’t part of the treatment plan.


Get physical

Physical activity sounds exhausting at this point, but exercise is a great stress reliever! Workouts like yoga, Pilates, barre and aerobics are safe to do during pregnancy and can be incorporated into your daily schedule with ease. Even if you really don’t have the time, just taking regular walks around the office can really help tackle that stress.


Cry it out if you must

Crying is a healthy way to get rid of anxiety. Of course, you can’t go sobbing all day, but if you need a moment to shed some tears when you’re alone, let it out, mama! Your hormones are RAGING during pregnancy, so from time to time, you just have to let it all out.


Don’t neglect your social life

Your life is about to change forever, which is why staying in touch with friends and family now is really important. Once your baby arrives, it’ll be a while before you have the opportunity for socialising again without any interruptions.

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