Why you shouldn’t allow visitors at hospital after birth

Why you shouldn’t allow visitors at hospital after birth

Chances are, everyone will be thrilled to hear that you just had a baby and they probably can’t wait to meet him or her. You might also be excited to show your new pride and joy off to the world, but hand onto your horses mama! Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you shouldn’t allow visitors at hospital right after giving birth.

Here’s why you shouldn’t allow visitors at hospital

1. You JUST had a baby

Labour isn’t for the faint of heart. It can be a long and exhausting experience, and it’s a lot of hard work. Once your baby has made his or her appearance, you’ll need to eat and sleep. Even if you didn’t give birth naturally, you still wouldn’t be yourself. Thank you medication! Being exhausted and bleeding in different places probably isn’t the deal state to be in for social gatherings. C-section mamas went through major surgery. V-birth moms have vaginas, rectums, and everything down there hurting. No, you shouldn’t allow visitors to the hospital straight after birth!


2. These precious moments cannot be relived

You’ll never have this precious time with your baby again. Your baby will never be as new as he or she is right now. That’s why you need to take the time you have in hospital to soak up everything that just happened. You just became a mom. You need hours, possibly days, to breathe it all in.


3. Because you need to start breastfeeding

It’s essential to start breastfeeding as soon as possible after giving birth, and getting that done while you’re in the company of friends and family can be impossible. This might be your first time trying, at least with this baby it is. It’s new for both of you and perfecting it will take some time. Babies need to feed on their schedule, not after your guests leave. End of story.


4. And your hormones are RAGING

If you thought your hormones were out of whack during pregnancy, things are about to get REAL interesting! You’ll have to make it through the fourth trimester where you’ll deal with way too many emotional moments and unexplained bouts of crying. Preferably, you don’t want those moments to happen in the company of others. Oh, you also won’t feel comfy while wearing a maxi pad the size of a boat, all while dealing with cracked nipples and changing your baby’s diaper for the first time!


5. Because mama, you’ll be exhausted

Who in the world wants to entertain guests while you’re tired and sore? You JUST had a baby. You need to sleep as much as possible right now and regain your strength. You’ll already have to adjust to a baby waking up every few hours for a change and feeding, so the time for guests is NOT right now. It is during these first few days where the days are long but the years are short. Make the most of it while you still can!

By Seldean Smith

Seldean is a full-time single mom and avid contributor to the Kiddles website. Her hobbies include discovering awesome new places and spaces for kids and writing content that resonates with the hearts of other parents.

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