What your baby would be sending in a text message

What your baby would be sending in a text message

We live in a high-tech world where everyone communicates via their smartphones. Here’s what you baby would probably be saying if they could text. P.S – we reckon these baby text message ideas are spot on!

A roundup of the best baby text message ideas

Baby text message jokes on discovery

Baby: Dude! My mom just abandoned me!

Friend: Seriously? Where did she go?

Baby: I have NO idea. She was just here, and I’m pretty sure she’s gone now. For like ever!

Friend: Just a tip man: cry. Cry loudly. Perhaps she comes running back?

Baby: Great idea. Let’s give it a try.

Baby: Sorry man, false alarm. She was standing just slightly to my right. She’s here. Everything is good.


Baby: Hey Sally. Tell me, have you found your feet yet?

Friend: Feet? What are those?

Baby: They are the things flailing around at the end of your legs. They are AWESOME. Best in life. Ever.

Friend: Okay. Well, what do you do with them?

Baby: I don’t really know, but I’ve been trying to stick them in my mouth lately. Will keep you posted on the details as this thig progresses!


Baby text message jokes on rebellion

Baby: Really hating naps over here. How about you?

Friend: Totally. Naps SUCK. Let’s just start refusing them. It ought to teach our moms a lesson or two, don’t you think?

Friend: Next time your mom tries to put you down for a nap, just cry like mad. You’ve got this dude. You can outlast mom-power any day.

Friend: You still there?

Baby: Sorry, I got a little caught up there. I took a quick nap.

Friend: Traitor!


Baby: I just took a dump. Want to know what I pooped on?

Friend: Was it your new outfit?

Baby: Yeah, it involved my new outfit, but guess where it went!

Friend: On your back?

Baby: No. My neck!

Friend: I am impressed. You’ve got some mad skill!

Baby: Yeah, I’m totally rocking this. No diaper can contain my super powers! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

Friend: I envy you; you are truly living the dream!


Baby: Listen up Sal, I’ve found the best way every to mess with Mom!

Baby: I just mastered the art of rolling, but I refuse to show her my awesome skills until she lays me down for bedtime tonight!

Friend: Sounds amazing! But here’s a tip: only roll onto your stomach and then totally freak out until she comes to save you!

Baby: Okay, so when do I roll back then?

Friend: That’s the whole beauty of the trick. You don’t roll back. You NEVER roll back.

Baby: I love it. You’re brilliant!

By Seldean Smith

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