What the heck happens to your body after birth?

What the heck happens to your body after birth?

From hair loss to constipation (yes, more of that), your body will go through a lot of changes after pregnancy. Here’s a summary of what you can expect to see happening to your body after birth.


What happens to your body after birth?

You’ll lose some hair

Your hair might start falling out a few weeks after the birth of your baby. The hormones that raged in your body throughout pregnancy prevented you from losing the normal amount of hair on a daily basis. But now hormone levels have been restored. Which is why your body is making up for all it missed during pregnancy. Expect your hair to return to its normal growth cycle within a month after pregnancy.


Your breasts will change shape

Your post-pregnancy breasts might appear swollen and flushed, and they might feel sore and engorged with milk right after the delivery of your baby. After three or four days (or after you stop breastfeeding), the swelling will subside, and your breasts might start sagging due to the stretched skin.


Back pain will continue to haunt you

During pregnancy, the muscles of the abdomen were stretched beyond belief, and it’ll take some time for them to recover. Your body now puts all the extra weight on the muscles in your back, which is why back pain is still around.



This isn’t just something that happened when you’re pregnant. New moms can still have problems with constipation for up to a month after their babies are born. If you had an episiotomy or suffered from haemorrhoids during pregnancy, it can be a problem going to the loo after childbirth. To help ease things down there, try following a high-fibre diet and drinking plenty of liquids.


There might be some vaginal pain and even discharge

During delivery, your vagina might have stretched out if you chose a natural birth. If the doctors had to perform an episiotomy, your vagina might be painful for a few weeks after the birth of your baby. Shortly after giving birth to your baby, you might notice a vaginal discharge. This is mostly a mix of blood and the remains of the uterine lining. The discharge, called lochia, can be around for a few weeks after delivery, but it is perfectly normal. If you plan on having sex soon after the birth of your child, it’s advisable to use a water-based vaginal lubricant to help get rid of any dryness.

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