Twin milestones and transitions: What to expect

Twin milestones and transitions: What to expect

Surviving through a standard day with twins can feel like an accomplishment in itself, not even mentioning twin milestones. You’re focused on two babies, two sets of transitions, and two very different sets of milestones. Here’s a quick look at how twins reach their milestones and what to expect.

Twin milestones and what to expect


This is a hit or miss scenario. Not all babies love being swaddled, so you might have one of the twins totally opposed to the idea. Either way, this is something that should start phasing out at around three months of age. Since 70% of twins are born premature, you can push the swaddling up to four months, but no later.



This is one of the biggest twin milestones. And once they transition and start sleeping through the night, you’ll be a better person too. The challenge, however, is trying to sync up two infants in their sleep patterns. You can start sleep training your twins when they’re between 5 and seven months old if they spent some time in the NICU. Don’t follow advice from single-kid parents, what’s working for them might be a nightmare for you. Also, keep in mind that you might have to try different techniques with each of your twins.



Teething twins can bring about some seriously hard days (and nights). All babies start teething between 3 and seven months of age in general. But it can be difficult to deal with swollen gums and teething pain when you’ve got twins around.



When you’ve got twins in the house, it’s natural to assume that they’ll booth start rolling over, crawling and eventually walking at the same time. But in reality, your one kid might be ready to start running as soon as they’ve got the muscle strength to do so while the other just has no interest in moving at all.


Potty Training

The ever-challenging transition of potty training can be a wild ride for parents of twins. One of your twins might take on the idea like it’s nothing. You’ll probably have one trained and out of diapers in as little as three days, while the other might take three months to master the art. if there’s one piece of advice we can give you though, it’s that once you go to real undies, never go back to diapers! It’ll make life easier for everyone in the house.

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