Travelling with kids in South Africa

Travelling with kids in South Africa

With everything to pack, all the kid-friendly factors to consider, and the laws governing travelling with kids in South Africa, heading off to a family holiday can be a daunting task. All in all, it can be confusing and intimidating. But luckily we have a few travel tips that you can use before planning your next annual holiday!


Travelling with kids in South Africa: the basics

  • Before heading off to your destination, make a list of all your basic requirements. This includes towels, clothes, bedding, baby bottles and equipment.
  • Enquire with your accommodation of choice to find out about the basic amenities they provide. Some establishments provide bedding, but camping sites don’t. Make sure you pack for your family’s needs.
  • If anyone in your family has allergies or food intolerances, notify the establishment you booked with so they can cater to specific needs.
  • Get clear on health risks at your destination – like Malaria or contaminated water – and pack appropriate medicines.
  • Never leave your basic first aid kit at home.


In case of emergencies

Nobody wants to think about emergencies when they’re supposed to be relaxing, but real life doesn’t pause just because we’re on holiday. Make sure that you do some research to see where the nearest hospitals are. If you’re heading to a rural area, be sure to inquire about your accommodation establishment’s emergency procedure.


If you’re travelling internationally, ensure that you have the travel insurance you need and get clear on the specific rules and regulations. Write down all the details of what needs to happen and who the contact person is in the event of an emergency.


Legal considerations when travelling with kids in South Africa

The South African Department of Home Affairs says that all kids under the age of 18 have to travel with their Unabridged birth certificates. They need these if they come in to or leave the Republic of South Africa. We have a lengthy article on all the documents you need to travel with kids, just in case you need more details on the travel laws.


Kids under the age of three years have to be strapped into a car seat when travelling by road. This is according to the National Road Traffic Act. If you plan on renting a car, you should also rent an age-and-weight-appropriate car seat for your kiddo. In case you didn’t know this: all South African car rental companies offer this additional service.


By Jess Green

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