Toddler eating & food

Welcome to the Kiddles hub for toddler eating and food. On this page, we’ll share some of our best tips, tricks, and advice for helping you make it through the picky eating stage. Wondering where to start reading? Why not try checking out these suggested articles:

Toddler eating & food – When they start self-feeding

It’s an exciting (and messy) milestone: your baby starts self-feeding. But what does it entail and how can you survive the ordeal with your sanity intact? Here’s some food for thought.

Could my toddler have food intolerances?

Introducing your kids to new foods can be a fun time of their lives, but it can also cause distress. Some kids can’t handle certain foods, which leads to food intolerance in kids. If your kiddo suddenly starts having adverse reactions to certain foods, he might have food intolerances. Let’s take a look at what food intolerances are and why they happen.

Is it safe (or insane) to take my toddler out to dinner?

There’s a special kind of chaos that could arise from taking your toddler out to dinner at a restaurant. Why? Oh well, because you’re freaked out about the possibility of a food fight and also because a nagging tot can be a real pain in the ass. Like when you’re trying your best to enjoy a glass of wine and some well-deserved pasta! Here are some tips going out to dinner with toddlers.

How can I teach my tot some basic table manners?

Table manners and kids barely seem like they go together. But if you put some serious effort into the idea, it’s totally doable to teach your kiddo some of the most basic table manners. Here’s how to teach your kid table manners.

Why you need to stop short-order cooking for your toddler

Short order cooking for a picky eater can be physically and mentally exhausting. All that extra work of whipping up special meals every day can quickly snowball and make your job as a mom feel like a little too much. So here’s our plea to you: Just STOP. Read the full article here.

What are some of the best toddler snack ideas?

Toddlers are weird creatures, and aside from their wild imaginations, they have wild cravings. Which have to be fed at the most unusual hours of the day. In this post, we take a look at some of the best toddler snacks out there, ideal for filling a grumbling tummy at any time of the day!

I need help with some toddler-approved dinner ideas!!!

Getting your toddler to indulge in dinner can be disastrous at times. And as you might have experienced, introducing them to new or healthy foods can be one of the biggest challenges a parent will face during the toddler years. But luckily we’ve rounded up some of the best, toddler-approved dinner ideas out there. These dinner ideas are delicious and fool-proof, and the best part about it is that the whole family can indulge in them!