Toddler behaviour

Welcome to the Kiddles hub for toddler behaviour. Kids are capable of experiencing a full range of emotions by the time they’re two years old. The problem with toddlers is that they have just started developing their cognitive skills. Which means that they can’t always make sense of what they’re feeling, not even mentioning the controlling aspect. So how can you decode their behaviour? Well, we can try, and here’s how:

How to deal with toddler shenanigans

Getting your three-year-old to behave is a task that’s much easier said than done. Here’s some advice on how to act authoritatively without becoming authoritarian and dealing with toddler shenanigans.

The basic commandments of toddler discipline

Just your kid “seems” too young to understand the consequences of his or her actions; it doesn’t make it okay to just let them off the hook for bad behaviour. Toddlers need to be taught how to act safely and appropriately, even when you’re not around. Freud referred to it as the superego. We call it working on installing a “good citizen” memory chip in the brain of your kid. Which will help them remember what is and what isn’t acceptable behaviour? And just like breaking in a wild horse, it will take some work to discipline your toddler. But in general, there are a few commandments of toddler discipline.

Why toddler tantrums aren’t all bad

Toddler Tantrums. They happen at the most inconvenient places and at the worst possible times. It’s hard to believe that your sweet little human can turn into a gremlin at the drop of a hat. As parents, we’re often left feeling thoroughly embarrassed by our toddlers’ strong-minded behaviour. So much so that we’re willing and able to resort to bribery and our tantrums. But your toddler’s tantrums might be a good thing, and here’s why.

How to survive the toddler years with your sanity intact

As moms, we’re quick to assume that other moms out there seem to have it all together. You know, they’re calm and cool during the toddler years, and they just seem to have their sanity intact. Whenever we get asked about how we make it from day to day, we laugh, and our kids laugh even harder. Surviving the toddler years can be HARD. But here are a few ways to make it easier on yourself.

How to tame toddler tantrums

It can be tough keeping yourself from having a meltdown when your tot is in the middle of a tantrum. And regardless of how nasty they are, tantrums are a fact of childhood. Because kids between the ages of one and four years old haven’t yet developed coping skills, they tend to lose it from time to time whenever they don’t get what they want. So how can you stop these fits? Here are some tried and tested freak-out fixes you can try to tame toddler tantrums.