Toddler 1-3

Welcome to the Kiddles toddler 1-3 hub. In here, we get to rant and rave. After all, toddlerhood is one of the most trying times in the lives of moms and kids across the world. Aside from these years pretty much being a hot mess, they can also be amazing. And that’s why this page exists. To help parents find useful and informative advice, tips, and tricks for making it through toddlerhood with their sanity intact. What can you discover here? Well, let’s take a look:

Welcome to Toddlerville!

It seems like only yesterday you were swaddling a tiny bundle of joy. But in a flash, that bundle became agile as a monkey and started throwing fits just for the heck of it. If this seems like your current situation, then welcome to Toddlerville. A.K.A a time and space you’ll share with your toddler for the next year or two.

In Toddlerville, crazy is the name and insanity is the game.


Toddler development

Join us as we uncover unique toddler milestones starting at 12 months spanning through 36 months of age. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not a specific behaviour is in check, our articles will help clear it up for you.

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Eating and food

Toddlers can be some of the pickiest eaters EVER. They have cravings and dislikes like you won’t believe. But we have advice for this too.


Toddler sleep

Jailbreaks – you know those times when you find toddlers escaping their cribs – are not rare occurrences in families with young kiddos. You see, somehow, our toddlers are able to channel their inner monkeys whenever they are left unsupervised in the crib for a minute or two.

So how does a mom handle this situation? How are you supposed to keep your toddler safe in his or her crib? Check out this article for some helpful advice.

Toddler health


Just like babies, toddlers also have certain milestones to reach. Here are some articles worth checking out:

Toddler behavior

Aside from being cute and cuddly, toddlers can be real jerks too. We decode their odd behavior through a range of articles including:

Play and toys

Looking for some inspiration for toddler activities and toys? We’ve got loads of inspiration here: