Thoughts during labour: What most women think

Thoughts during labour: What most women think

In most cases, we have nine whole months to prepare for labour. But until your contractions start on the big day, there’s just no way of knowing what you’ll feel like. And whether you choose the “give me ALL the meds” approach or you’re going the Hypnobirthing route, your labour will be a memorable experience. But what can you expect as far as thoughts during labour go?

Here are some normal (but totally contradicting) thoughts you might experience as you go through the experience of bringing a tiny human into this world:

Common thoughts during labour

1. “Yes, I’m SO ready for this!”

Some women think that the onset of those first contractions are the best moments of their lives. Their thoughts during labour scream out that they’re ready for it and they’re elated for the process to start. In most cases, women are just ready to go through whatever it takes to be un-pregnant after being swollen and achy for the last few weeks. They’re done and over pregnancy. Hallelujah.


2. “Crap, I am so NOT ready for this!”

While some women are elated that it’s time to for active labour, others are a little more hesitant. They don’t feel prepared for the big event. They’re reluctant and might be worrying about everything. Some women fear that they aren’t ready to become moms and some even grieve the end of pregnancy.


3. “I am a woman. Hear me ROAR!”

Although they might not enjoy the pains of labour, some women see this as a process that makes them uniquely female and super strong.


4. “Good lord, I really can’t do this.”

A lot of women feel like they’ll never make it through labour after that first contraction hits. Instead of feeling empowered and ready, they feel scared. For them, the pain is too much to handle, and there’s just no way that they’ll make it through the experience alive.


5. “Why are you all standing there? Get out of the room NOW!!!”

In some cases, women are fine with having some friends or family in the delivery room. But all this might change when D-day arrives. Even after weeks of practice and preparations, you might not want anyone touching, massaging, or even looking at you for that matter. These are perfectly normal thoughts during labour mama. Relax. You’ve got this!


6. “I really don’t care who sees what.”

Perhaps you were once worried to have other people in the room when you give birth. You might discover that during delivery, you couldn’t care less about who is in the room and who isn’t. You just want the baby out. Nothing else matters anymore. Know this: modesty and labour are not friends. And that’s okay.

By Seldean Smith

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