Things all couples have to do when planning for a baby

Things all couples have to do when planning for a baby

Chatting with your partner about having a baby is a start, but what else should you do when planning for a baby? How you’ll share childcare responsibilities, how you’ll work together, and what your family values all have to be determined. Let’s take a look at some of the things all couples have to do when planning for a baby.


Things all couples have to do when planning for a baby

Get off the pill

A couple of months before you start trying to conceive, you have to stop taking birth control. This will give you some time to get to know your menstrual cycle and predict ovulation dates. It might take a few weeks or months for your cycle to get back to its normal state again. You might want to consider talking to your doctor if your period isn’t on track again within three months.


Stop being a party animal

Smoking and drinking during pregnancy is a BIG no-no, so you might as well quit while you’re ahead. If you’re a moderate drinker, you don’t need to take any drastic steps towards changing your habits unless you suspect you might already be pregnant. Excessive intake of alcohol can cause fertility problems in men and women, so your partner has to be on the same game plan as you.

Cut down your caffeine intake

Cutting back on your caffeine intake (both of you) can significantly help increase your chances of conceiving. Too much caffeine can trigger miscarriage and might cause you to experience withdrawal symptoms during pregnancy. Tea, soda, energy drinks and even some pain meds all contain caffeine. Be sure to monitor how much caffeine you’re ingesting on a daily basis to create a baby-safe body.


Get friendly with the scale

If you’ve got a few kilos to lose, now is the ideal time to do so. Losing excess weight can make it easier for you to fall pregnant, plus it’ll be impossible to lose weight once you’re pregnant. Being overweight also increases your chances of developing pregnancy complications, so go ahead and shed some weight if you need to.


Go on date nights

It’ll be hard to get out with your partner when the baby arrives, so be sure to get out as often as possible before getting pregnant. This is the ideal time to rekindle that in-love feeling you guys had when you first met. It’ll also make you a stronger unit that’ll be able to face the storms of parenthood with ease.


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