The six stages of pregnancy you really need to know about

The six stages of pregnancy you really need to know about

Everyone talks about the three stages of pregnancy. There’s the first, second, and third trimester, and that’s it, right? Wrong! There are actually six different stages of this journey that you can look forward to (or dread, depending on what it is). Love it or hate it, here’s what you’re going to experience:


Six stages of pregnancy in a nutshell

1. The news

You just found out you’re pregnant, and you’re either over the moon or scared out of your mind. You’re going to be a mom, and this reality hits home pretty hard. Perhaps you’re scared to give birth. You start seeing pregnant women everywhere. You’re tired, and you start thinking that every pain you have is caused by this new pregnancy. Can people tell you’re pregnant? It’s the same thing when you wonder if people can tell you’re drunk. Hopefully, you’re not wondering both these things at the same time!


2. You look fat

Right now, you look fat, but not quite pregnant yet. People are looking at you, and you’re ready to blurt out “I’m pregnant, not fat!” Your friends and family are always asking you how you’re feeling, and perhaps you’ve started stocking up on maternity items by now. Aside from always having to pee, you’re also sick, tired, and your boobs are sore.


3. The cute stage

During round three of the stages of pregnancy, you could very well be an ad for a maternity store. You look so cute, and you’re visibly pregnant. Yes, you’ve got that “glow”. Things are feeling like they did before you found out you were expecting and you don’t feel sick anymore. Enjoy it while it lasts for about 27 minutes.


4. Swelling, swelling everywhere!

Is it just you or is it harder to breathe these days? Also, why the heck is everything so swollen? If one more person asks you what you’re having, you’re ready to throat-punch them and tell them it’s a kitten. The maternity clothes you’ve been wearing for what feels like 757 years are annoying you, but you’re almost done, so you’re not buying anything new. Shaving your legs, putting on shoes, and tending to your private parts are things you won’t be able to do in a week from now.


5. I. Am. A. WHALE

As you enter the final stretched of this journey, you feel massive, and nothing fits anymore. You kind of resemble the Michelin man by now. Right now, you have a newfound respect for the elderly and morbidly obese that pour every last ounce of energy they have into their motility. Perhaps you’ll become an advocate for their rights when this is all over. Birth doesn’t scare you anymore because you just really want to be un-pregnant right now.


6. The mom is born

Your baby has finally arrived, and you’re no longer classed as a mom-to-be. You became a mom, and the first thing you want to do is to burn your maternity clothes. Gone are the days of being heavily pregnant. Up next: a full night of sleep, a nice hot meal, and reclaiming your pre-baby bod. Now let’s all laugh and toast to that. Lol. The journey has just begun mama!

By Seldean Smith

Seldean Smith is the chief copywriter, ghostwriter, and mischief-maker over at Since 2012, she’s helped over 100 brands and individuals find their voice, and get seen & heard with content that truly speaks their language and fits their phenomenal work. Because words that lift hearts, ignite minds, and get results can do more than just change your business – they can change the world too. Wanna know more? Catch her ideas on writing as a full-time mom and the art of writing on her blog!

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