The best healthy food ideas for picky eaters

The best healthy food ideas for picky eaters

In the world of parenting, none of us makes it through the early years without having to deal with a picky eater. Here’s how you can end mealtime battles, using some creative healthy food ideas to make those healthy foods seem just a little more tempting.


Healthy food ideas for picky eaters

Hard-boiled eggs

Instead of giving your kids plain hard-boiled eggs, which contain 6 grams of protein and a bunch of other good-for-you nutrients, why not decorate them? You can decorate hard-boiled eggs using food-grade dyes. Healthy food ideas like these can be served as after0school snacks with some whole-grain crackers and fruit.



Oatmeal is filling and contains soluble fibre, plus, it’s basically a blank canvas for fun toppings like nuts and fresh or dried fruits. Cut some banana slices for eyes, use strawberry for the nose, and a handful of blueberries or raisins for a smiley face’s mouth. You can also try this recipe. Cook half a cup of oats with 1 cup water or skim milk. Stir in some cocoa powder, some sugar, and a dash of vanilla extract and top it off with your kid’s favourite fruit. It’s an energy-boosting that’ll keep them feeling satisfied until lunchtime.



Serve your kid ¾ cup of vanilla or fruit-flavoured yoghurt and then add a “toppings bar” to make things interesting. In small bowls, offer your kid some add-ons like muesli or cereal, chopped buts, fresh berries, or some dark chocolate chips. They’ll think it’s a dessert, but it’s actually a great source of calcium and protein and replace an entire meal.



Most kids will only accept chicken if it is presented in the form of chicken nuggets. They’re crazy for it since it’s perfectly sized for little fingers and offers a crispy, golden brown promise, so don’t try and change that altogether. Instead of serving the frozen store-bought version, you can use some cookie cutters and make your own healthy version at home.



Spinach is a vitamin-packed superstar, which just happens to work extremely well in homemade mini pizzas. Add some ricotta cheese to cooked spinach and use as a topping on your homemade pizzas. It’s delicious and they’ll never know they’re eating veggies!

By Seldean Smith

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