The best bonding time activities for families

The best bonding time activities for families

Looking to spend some special time bonding with your spouse and kids but have no clue what to do? Take a look at our collection of activities, perfect for what you have in mind. Guaranteed: they’re some of the best bonding time activities for families ever!


A roundup of the best bonding time activities for families

Have a backyard camping night out.

Why not pitch a tent and go camping in the backyard? Grab some blankets (or sleeping bags), perhaps even put together a small bonfire and then sit around the campfire telling each other stories.


Build blanket fords indoors.

If your kids aren’t too keen on the idea of camping out in the backyard, or it’s too cold to head outdoors, why not consider building an indoor camping site? Get everyone together in one room and make the experience as realistic as possible by pulling in the sleeping bags and roasting marshmallows over candlelight.



Volunteering together as a family is both an educational and fun activity. The kids will learn to appreciate what they have and you, as parents, can give back to the community. There are loads of options, from helping out at a local soup kitchen to bathing some cats and dogs at the local rescue centre.


Have family game nights.

This might be a bit classic, but seriously, who doesn’t love game nights at home? Try to schedule special weeknights reserved to play board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, and Uno. It’s a fun bonding experience that brings the whole family closer together as a unit.


Take neighbourhood walks.

Depending on where you live and how safe it is to do so, neighbourhood walks can be one of the best bonding time activities for families. Try gathering your kids as the sun starts to set and head out for some fresh air with a walk around the block. This is a great way of keeping everybody active while still having loads of fun together as you laugh and talk about how everybody’s day was.


Play Wii Fit or Xbox Kinect.

The Wii Fit and Xbox Kinect games are actually such fun activities and make for the perfect opportunity to spend time together as a family. Even if you’re running a no-tech household, sometimes you can still pull out the movement games and have a blast together as a family unit. These games will provide you with hours of fun and also ensure that you all get in a good workout from time to time.


By Jess Green

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