The basics of baby car seat safety

The basics of baby car seat safety

When buying a baby car seat, the last thing you’re considering is the common mistakes that most other parents make. But here’s a secret: you’re probably going to make them too if you don’t pay attention. Here are some of the most common baby car seat safety fails and how to avoid them:

Common baby car seat safety fails

1. Buying a used car seat.

It can be okay to buy a used car seat if – and only if – it meets all requirements. They include:

  • The car seat comes with instructions, a manufacturing date, and model number
  • It hasn’t been recalled
  • It doesn’t have any loose parts or visible damage
  • It’s not more than six years old
  • It has never been in a crash


2. Not placing the seat in the right spot.

A baby car seat should be placed on the back seats, away from any active airbags. If you have to place the seat in the front of the vehicle, make sure you’ve deactivated the airbags before securing the car seat to the car.


3. Using the car seat for applications outside of the car.

It’s called a baby CAR seat for a reason, and that’s the only purpose it should have. So many kids get injured on a daily basis because they were lying around with car seats that were not secured. Your baby’s car seat is NOT a replacement crib. It’s also NOT a daybed. Oh, and it’s DEFINITELY not a feeding chair. Get those ideas out of your head if your baby’s safety is your number one concern.

4. Not reclining the seat at the right angle.

Car seats should always be set up according to manufacturer instructions. Not to an extent where it looks comfortable to you. Be sure to read up on what’s acceptable for which ages and stages. And always stick to the seat’s instructions that you got upon purchasing it.


A car seat mistake is so easy to make. And it can easily cause serious injury, or even worse, death. Do the right thing. Read up on manufacturer instruction and never allow human error to get in the way of your child’s safety!


By Jess Green

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