How to (really) make mom friends as an introvert SAHM

Have you ever tried to make mom friends as an introvert? It’s something that’s very challenging, especially if you’re an introverted mom. But there are a lot of tricks for navigating the world of mom friends and successfully finding ones that resonate with you. Here are some golden nuggets of wisdom:   Tips to make mom friends as an intorvert You don’t need to make mom friends everywhere you go Some moms are fine with one or two good friends, but for introverts, anything more than two feels way too intense. Some moms crave as many mom friends as possible and choose to interact with those friends one-on-one. Remember that it can feel way to overwhelming to nurture too many deep relationships when you’re pouring all of your energy into your kids. And that’s okay too.   All playdates aren’t required to be attended Listen Susan, two or three playdates per day for your little one is just WAY too much. Most of us are spent after just one playdate, and so are our …
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