Summer maternity wear essentials: Here’s what you really need

Summer maternity wear essentials: Here’s what you really need

When it comes to summer maternity wear, there isn’t a whole lot you really need. There might be a lot of nice-to-have items, but if you’re on a budget, getting through a summer pregnancy won’t break the bank. Not sure what to stock up on? Here are some pointers.

Summer maternity wear all pregnant women need in their lives

1. Comfortable shoes

Okay, so the first and most important thing you should invest in is comfy shoes. Flip flops are great because they don’t force you to move into weird positions just to get your shoes on. Your feet really need support now that you’re carrying around some precious cargo. Water retention and swelling can make it seem impossible to find shoes that fit, so sandals are some of your only options.


2. Dresses

Dresses are some of the best items to have in your summer maternity wear lineup. They make your bump look and feel great, and they’re super breathable, not to mention beautiful! Just keep in mind that as your bump expands, it’ll hike up your hemline, so don’t go for super short dresses. Unless of course, you want to look like you’re wearing nothing but an oversized shirt.


3. Shorts

While shorts are summertime essentials for everyone, the right pair of shorts can really go a long way to making your pregnancy more comfortable. To help enhance their life, invest in a belly band that you can wear with your shorts.


4. Loose tops and tees

Basic tops are super comfortable and versatile, and they also pair well with any bottoms and are flattering too. Styles that hug your bump look great, but flowy, loose tops give your bump more room to grow.


5. A really good bra

Your cup size has probably gone up during pregnancy, and it’ll continue to do so until breastfeeding is established. Depending on how drastically the girls inflated, this might be a blessing or a curse. Either way, you’ll need to accommodate your chest with a comfy yet supportive bra. Gone are the days where your sleek and sexy undergarments could keep the girls where they’re supposed to be. The time for wearing a maternity bra has officially arrived. The market is full of specially-constructed maternity and nursing bras that will provide you with a level of support that average lingerie just can’t match.

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