Social media mom: here’s why Facebook is setting you up for failure!

Social media mom: here’s why Facebook is setting you up for failure!

You’ve seen her, the “perfect” social media mom. From her photos, her home looks amazing, and her kids are always dressed in the le latest Naartjie range. She doesn’t wear makeup, yet has flawless skin. Her relationship with her partner seems perfect, and she whips up restaurant worthy meals every night.


And honestly, it’s hard to not compare your life to one of the social media mom. But then you start questioning yourself and wonder why you don’t have it all together like her.


We took a social media break for a few months, and here’s what we’ve learned


Why you shouldn’t be the social media mom

1. Your kids are happy, and they don’t need designer clothes to prove it

It’s amazing how you raised your tiny miracles. They are beautiful regardless of what “brand” they’re sporting. Your kids might not match each day, or get out of their PJs till noon. But will dressing them in the latest fashion make them happier? No way. You’re a success as a mom even if you can’t afford to deck your kids out in designer clothes.


2. You need to spend less time in the virtual world and more time out there, making memories

It’s interesting how our culture is obsessed about what other people are doing. Just think back to the time when social media didn’t exist. Back then, you went on vacation and did cool stuff for the experience, not just opportunities for selfies. There’s a lot of magic to be found in life when you leave the camera and phone at home.


3. Getting dressed up every day doesn’t make you a good mom

This one only applies to moms that stay home with their kids. If you’re a stay at home mom, your kid’s needs surpass your own. You don’t have to wake up and put on full makeup and get dressed just to sit around at home and take care of a toddler. The last thing you want your daughter to think is that those are the requirements for feeling beautiful. Real beauty comes from within, and that’s what they need to learn.


4. Being real is the only thing you need to do

Social media is mostly just about people being as un-real as can be. They worry that they’ll be judged because the photo they posted of their kid didn’t feature perfectly styled hair. Or they think people will think they don’t have it all together. Mom shame has gone to the next level on social media, which is why it can be hard to show your true self on there. But in reality, you’re not reaching for perfection. You want your kids to be happy and to have love in your life. You might not look like the perfect mom on the outside, but it doesn’t change your capacity to be a great one.

By Seldean Smith

Seldean Smith is the chief copywriter, ghostwriter, and mischief-maker over at Since 2012, she’s helped over 100 brands and individuals find their voice, and get seen & heard with content that truly speaks their language and fits their phenomenal work. Because words that lift hearts, ignite minds, and get results can do more than just change your business – they can change the world too. Wanna know more? Catch her ideas on writing as a full-time mom and the art of writing on her blog!

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