Social media and your kids: What to teach them

Social media and your kids: What to teach them

How can you safely navigate the world that includes social media and your kids? How can you ensure they’re using tech smartly and safely? Here are some rules and guidelines that can help ensure your kids stay as safe as possible in the online world.


Rules for social media and your kids

Live in real time

You want your kids to live full lives and seize the day. We should all live our lives in real time and not behind screens. It’s important to teach them not to ignore real life.


Everyone is basically showing off, remember that

Social media is the only place where people get to show only the “good” of their daily lives. You need to explain to your kids that nobody’s life is perfect. Nothing, not even money, fame, or thousands of social media followers, will make your life run perfectly.


Always ask yourself these questions before you post anything

Before posting, teach your kids to ask themselves whether the post is true, kind, damaging, and whether or not they’re posting it for the right reasons. Ask them to consider what their grandma would say if she were to see their post. If they pass those questions, they can post it online.


Social media isn’t a substitute for face-to-face

Social media and your kids is a catch 22 situation. Kids feel like they’re connecting with their peers. But we all know that screens aren’t substitutes for real, face-to-face conversations. Your kids need to know this and show sincerity directly. Comfort someone by being there for them physically, and talking about serious matters with their actual voices.


Even if you think it is, nothing is private

Your kids need to know that the info they place on social media is anything but private. Regardless of how secure their privacy setting is, it’s never okay to publish phone numbers, addresses full names or any other info regarding their identity.


Never take to social media in an emotional state

If you’re in a heightened emotional state, the last place you need to hang out is social media platforms. It’s never okay to blow off steam or rant on social media. It’s not a dairy. You need to feel your emotions. Constantly keeping yourself distracted by Netflix, Snapchat, Instagram and app-based games to avoid dealing with the hard stuff isn’t a great idea. That way, when the hard stuff does come along, you won’t be able to cope with it.


Downtime is part of the game

Kids and adults need regular breaks from the internet. We all need to unplug and replenish our mental and emotional resources. To stay healthy and happy, you need to reflect and rejuvenate on your day before slaving away on social media.

By Seldean Smith

Seldean is a full-time single mom and avid contributor to the Kiddles website. Her hobbies include discovering awesome new places and spaces for kids and writing content that resonates with the hearts of other parents.

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