Single parent myths and truths

Single parent myths and truths

The world is full of single-parent families, and in most cases, the parent is a mother. But still, there’s no such thing as a “typical single parent”. One thing that rings true to all single parents though is the fact that they still all fall victim to some common stereotypes. In this post, we’ll be looking at and debunking some of the most common single parent myths out there.


Single parent myths and truths

They are broken families

Changed, yes, but definitely NOT broken. Single parents all have scars and scrapes, but they’re far from broken, and they definitely don’t need any fixing. The might need the help from a babysitter every once in a while, but they don’t need help fixing themselves.


Single parents don’t have “real” jobs

Single parents and financial struggles tend to be best friends. And whenever they mention their financial situation, someone always has to mention the idea of finding a real job. Screw it! Most single parents work their butts off to pay the bills each month. They are not unemployed. Perhaps they might not be working their dream jobs, but they’re finding ways to keep their kids healthy and happy.


Their kids tend to “go without.”

We all want the best for our kids. Even kids that live in two-parent homes end up “going without” at times. And we ALL feel guilty for that. Single parents feel guilty for working too much or not earning enough. They feel guilty for buying those Nikes their kids begged for, or not being able to afford it at all. They feel all that guilt on their own, but they also do their best to ensure their kids are cared for, safe, and happy.


Single parents have miserable lives

Yes, their lives might be a little harder than two-parent families, and they might spend more time “juggling” everything in life. But the lives of single parents are not miserable. They might cry more than traditional families, and they might feel sadness a little deeper in their souls. But the myths about the lives of single parents being miserable is totally debunked.


They correspond to their labels

Most single moms are labelled as

  1. a) Man-haters or
  2. b) Easy or
  3. c) All of the above.

Single dads (which make up about 10% of the single parent population) are either

  1. a) So brave or
  2. b) Some sort of weird alien in a female-centric

Regardless of whether they’re single moms or dads, they all carry the weight of parenting ON THEIR OWN. Labels are not helping anyone here people.


By Jess Green

Jess is a happy father and avid supporter of kiddles, writing occasionally and keeping the website afloat. His favourite kids activity is hiking and teaching kids about nature.

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