Should you keep baby teeth? Here’s why it might be worth it

Should you keep baby teeth? Here’s why it might be worth it

When it comes to baby teeth, we’re often keen on telling our kids about the Tooth Fairy story and just let that be that. But according to new studies, you might want to keep baby teeth. Why? Well, as it turns out, baby teeth can help indicate problems like autism. But it goes beyond just that.


How research urges parents to preserve baby teeth

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, parents can begin expecting their little humans to start losing their baby teeth by the time they turn six. Although these temporary teeth might not seem important, they actually hold a rich supply of stem cells that can be used for important research.


When kids lose their teeth, the stem cells inside remain alive for a short time. When compared to adult teeth, the stem cells in baby teeth are quite unique. They can live longer than those in adult teeth, they grow faster in culture, and can potentially form specialized dentine, bone, and neuronal cells. Although they’re currently looking into a cure for Type 1 Diabetes with these stem cells, researchers are still trying to pinpoint where these new findings can take us.


Want to preserve baby teeth? Here’s how to do it right

Before you go about preserving your baby’s teeth, you have to know how to do it the right way. Since we have no idea what the future holds, it’s safer to keep these little nuggets tucked away somewhere than chucking them in the bin. Here’s how to store baby teeth for stem cells at home.


1. Clean them properly

To help keep the teeth protected, you’ll need to gently clean them with soap and water


2. Then disinfect

Cleaning the teeth isn’t enough. You’ll also need to properly disinfect them. To do it, just use some cotton swabs and brush the surfaces of the teeth with some rubbing alcohol.


3. Dry them out

You’ll need to completely dry the teeth in order to preserve them. Teeth that aren’t properly dried can easily become contaminated with bacteria. To dry the teeth, use a small towel and allow them to air dry for a day or two.


By preserving your baby’s teeth (or even just the first one) might just be able to save his or her life in the future by forming the basis of various treatments for life-threatening illnesses.


By Seldean Smith

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