Questions to ask your paediatrician

Questions to ask your paediatrician

Whether you’re a new mom or you have other kids back home, getting comfortable with a paediatrician can be easier said than done. Life with your new baby might have left you sleep deprived, and in that moment where you’re juggling your newborn in the paediatrician’s office, it can be easy to forget to inquire about some key things you need to know. Here’s a roundup of all the questions to ask your paediatrician at your baby’s first checkup:

What questions to ask your paediatrician

1. Is my baby’s development and growth on track?

Not all babies develop at the same pace, so it’s natural to feel a little concerned about this. You may need some reassurance from the pediatrician regarding your baby’s health and development, so don’t be scared to ask about it.

2. What does my baby’s vaccination schedule look like?

Your baby will need to get quite a lot of shots during his or her first year of life, so be sure to inquire about your options when you’re checking in with your pediatrician at the 6-week checkup. You’re also going to want to ensure that you’ve got a vaccination schedule in hand when you leave the pediatrician’s rooms.

3. What home remedies are safe to use before we make an appointment?

During the course of his young life, your baby will probably see the pediatrician more than once or twice, and it’s quite normal, but you don’t need to rush your kid to the pediatric ward every time he has a rash, or she bumps her head. Try to ask your doctor about general home remedies for everyday ailments that you can use before making an appointment. Not only will this save you money, but it may also help you cope with problems if and when your doctor isn’t immediately available.

4. Are there any side effects I can exect from XYZ medicines?

If and when your pediatrician prescribes medication for your baby, it’s always important to inquire about any and all possible side effects so that you’ll have a better idea of what you can expect after administering medication. A lot of kids can take meds with no side-effects, but others, who are more sensitive, might get sick and be in a state of visible discomfort, and you need to be sure that the problems are just side effects from the medicine, and not a new problem in its own right.


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