Preschool toys and games

Welcome to the Kiddles hub for preschool toys and games. On this page, we share our best tips, tricks, and advice on preschool activities and toys. If you’re not sure about where to start, here are some featured articles to get you started:

The best activities for preschoolers start with art

From their first scribbles to their first masterpiece of art, all parents love the artwork their kids come up with. But just how important is it really? Let’s take a look at the importance of art for kids and their healthy development.

Gardening comes in as the second-best activity for pre-schoolers

The idea of having your own veggie garden might help you lead a healthier lifestyle. But aside from the health aspect, there are a few other reasons to get your kids gardening: it may help them develop skills such as patience and responsibility. Read the full post for more details.

Screen –time replacements for kids

You might have heard about just how bad too much screen time can be for your kid, and although we’re totally okay with the idea of letting the kids watch some TV and play on their iPads every now and again, we have to admit that it can be much easier said than done to break the screen time habit. So how can you effectively cut down on the amount of screen time your kids do on a daily basis? Well, you come up with innovative screen time replacements and this post as all the answers you need!

Great bonding activities for families

Looking to spend some special time bonding with your spouse and kids but have no clue what to do? Take a look at our collection of activities, perfect for what you have in mind. Guaranteed: they’re some of the best bonding time activities for families ever!

Amazing Popsicle crafts for pre-schoolers

Whether you’re looking for ways to entertain your kids during the school holidays, or you’re just looking for ways to spend some creative time with the kids, crafts are always a good idea. Using Popsicle sticks is an inexpensive way of making crafts, and there are literally thousands of ways in which you can use them. Here’s a roundup of our favourite Popsicle crafts for kids.

The deal with toys and gender stereotypes

Gender stereotypes in toys is a very real deal. Over the years, it has programmed boys to do jobs seen as manly, such as science and engineering roles. And it has urged girls to do feminine jobs such as teaching and nursing. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the most important gender stereotypes in kids’ toys that all parents need to know about.