Preschool eating and food

Welcome to the Kiddles hub for preschool eating and food. On this page, we’ll share some great tips, tricks, and advice on how you can transform your preschooler’s eating habits and get him to ditch the crap. Not sure where to start reading? Why not consider these related articles:

The best after-school snacks for growing kids

It’s a typical day. You pick your kids up from school, and as soon as you set foot in the house, they make a beeline to the kitchen. They’re STARVING. But snacking on junk will cut down on their productivity, so what’s a health-conscious mom to do? You serve up some healthy after school snacks and save some room in their bellies for dinner, that’s what!

Here’s how NOT to raise a picky eater

We all want our kids to be good eaters. We’d like them to eat things like fava beans, goat’s cheese, oranges, and the infamous broccoli. But is that expecting a little too much? Simply put: no. Our kids shouldn’t grow up to be picky eaters. They should be open to new experiences on every level of their lives, including their culinary adventures. Here’s how to put an end to picky eating.

Could your child be at risk of childhood obesity?

As a parent, your child’s health is one of the most important things surrounding his development. And we’re not talking just mental and emotional health. We’re talking physical health with the emphasis on body weight. It can be hard to tell whether or not your little one is tipping the scales at the wrong end since a lot of kids carry baby weight around until primary school. But a simple body weight calculation should be able to tell you whether or not your kid might entering the danger zone we call childhood obesity. Read the full post here.

How to get your kids interested in cooking

They say that the best way to get your kids to eat healthily is to get them in the kitchen with you and spark their love of food from there. But how do you go about the task of getting kids interested in cooking? You start by taking one nutritious step at a time. Here’s some more advice.

Great raw desert recipes for kids

The latest hype revolves around raw desserts. Desserts that take an uncooked shape. Desserts that are sugar, gluten, and dairy free. Should you care to incorporate them into your daily diet? The simple answer is YES. If you’re still not sure how these “alternative” treats stand up to traditional baked desserts, you’re in for a sweet surprise. Take a look at the benefits and some of the best raw dessert recipes out there.