Preschooler development

Welcome to the Kiddles hub for preschooler development. On this page, we’ll share a wealth of tips, tricks, and advice on the healthy development of preschoolers. If you’re not sure where to start reading, here are some pointers:

Why reading to your kid is essential for healthy development

Beyond ensuring his safety and wellbeing, reading to your kid is one of the most important things you can do for your toddler. Why? Well because it enhances his vocabulary. It also helps him understand a broader range of topics in everyday life and creates a special time and place where you get to bond with your child. Here’s why all parents need to read to their kids from a young age.

How to raise a kid that loves math

All parents try and teach language skills to their kids from a very young age. We read to them, teach them a few rhymes, and sing alphabet songs with them day and night. The one thing that most of us fail to focus on is numeracy skills. So how can you raise a kid that loves math? You follow this advice, rinse, and repeat as often as necessary.

The importance of art for the healthy development of kids

From their first scribbles to their first masterpiece of art, all parents love the artwork their kids come up with. But just how important is it really? Let’s take a look at the importance of art for kids and their healthy development.

How to get your kid to say sorry as he means it

Pushing your kids to say sorry is something you’ll do a LOT during your parenting journey, but here’s the thing: are you teaching them anything by forcing them to say sorry and not really feeling sorry for what they’ve done? According to the parenting experts out there, our kids shouldn’t only say sorry, they should be able to take responsibility for their actions too. Here’s how you can get your kid to fess up, say sorry, and actually mean it too!

What kids need to know before starting preschool

If you thought that potty training was one of the only milestones your kid needed to reach before he could go to preschool, guess again! Here’s a list of what kids need to know before starting preschool.

What your kid learns at preschool and why it’s important

During the first few years of your child’s school life, there’s a lot of intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development happening. Learning about phonics and what two plus two makes might seem silly, but it’s the foundations for a lifetime of learning. But what your kid learns in preschool can seem like a mystery. Read on to find out more.