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What kids need to know before starting preschool

If you thought that potty training was one of the only milestones your kid needed to reach before he could go to preschool, guess again! Here’s a list of what kids need to know before starting preschool.

We all want our kids to have a strong start in life. And one of the most solid foundations for their future in school is preschool. If you’ve ever wondered what skills all kids need before preschool, this post is for you. Let’s take a look at some of the basics kids need before they start preschool.

How to do a tear-free drop off at preschool

It’s not uncommon for kids to cry, feel uncertain, and dig their heels into the home soil before starting preschool. And more often than not, it applies to parents as well. Kids have no idea what to expect at preschool and parents fret that their kids might feel abandoned. But there are ways to ensure a tear free drop off. Read on to find out.

How to prepare your kid for preschool (the easy way)

Preparing your kid for preschool can be just as challenging for parents as it is for kids. Here’s a summary of how to get your little one prepped and amped for starting his or her preschool journey.

It’s normal to approach the milestone of your kid starting preschool with some mixed emotions. You’re excited about all the fun they’ll have, but you’re also sad about the fact that your baby is all grown up. Your kid probably feels the same. So how can you get your kid ready for preschool? Here’s some advice.

Yes, you can discipline your kid in public.

Kids tend to act up and embarrass the crap out of us, conveniently in the most public of spaces. When we discipline them, it usually backfires in us in the form of our kids not listening or other people frowning upon us. So learning how to discipline your kid in public is the key to success here.

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