Preschool activities

Welcome to the Kiddles hub for preschool activities. On this page, we’ll share our most-loved tips, tricks, and advice on activities for preschoolers. We’ll also show you which activities you can use to boost your preschooler’s development! Here are some great articles to get you started:

Amazing screen-time replacement activities for preschoolers

How can you effectively cut down on the amount of screen time your kids do on a daily basis? Well, you come up with innovative screen time replacements and this post as all the answers you need.

Great bonding time activities for the whole family

Looking to spend some special time bonding with your spouse and kids but have no clue what to do? Take a look at our collection of activities, perfect for what you have in mind. Guaranteed: they’re some of the best bonding time activities for families ever!

What to do with bored pre-schoolers

I’m bored! We bet that a lot of you have heard someone in your family use those words. Most of us have. There are plenty of imaginative things that you can do at home, as a family unit, you just need to put some thought into it and let a playful attitude take the lead. The list of great things that you can all do together is inexhaustible. Here are our favourite family activities:

Fun ways to teach pre-schoolers to share

Kids learn about sharing just like they learn pretty much everything else: the examples we give them. But sharing tends to be something that isn’t on the list of top toddler activities. Is there something you can do to encourage your kid to share? The idea of your kid hoarding his or her toys can be frustrating (and even embarrassing at times). But rest assured that it’s something that most parents will have to deal with at one point or another. Luckily, there are quite a few creative ways in which you can teach kids about sharing.

Daily activities to help prep your pre-schooler for big school

Preparing your kid for preschool can be just as challenging for parents as it is for kids. Here’s a summary of how to get your little one prepped and amped for starting his or her preschool journey.