Prenatal classes: Your options at a glance

Prenatal classes: Your options at a glance

From pregnancy tips to breastfeeding crash courses and newborn care techniques, you’ve got a LOT to do and learn as a mom-to-be. Preparing for life with a newborn is no easy feat, but finding time to educate yourself on the deal increases your excitement for baby’s arrival and sets you up for success. That being said, prenatal classes are one of the best ways to prep for baby life. But where do you start and what are your options? Here’s a quick look at what’s on offer:

Prenatal classes: The ones you need in your life

A newborn care class

A newborn care class answers all of your I-feel-too-dumb-to-ask questions. Want to know how to swaddle a baby or when the best times for nappy changes are? These classes cover you on all aspects of life with a newborn.

Benefits of these classes:
  • You’ll get to try out techniques for swaddling, holding your baby and even changing their diaper.
  • Small, group settings allow you to as questions throughout the class
  • It’s a great way to get you and your partner on the same page as far as child rearing goes

The breastfeeding basics class

A breastfeeding basics class can let you in on all the details you’ll need for surviving the first few weeks of breastfeeding. From positioning to latching and breast care, they cover ALL the details. You can also learn more about what happens after the first week, like bottle-feeding with breastmilk and pumping!

Benefits of these classes:
  • It informs you of the details, challenges and best practices of breastfeeding
  • If your partner doesn’t know how to support you and the baby, it’s very informative for them too
  • In-person settings allow for questions and practising with a baby doll


A childbirth class

Labour and delivery probably isn’t something you feel like researching too much. Obviously you don’t want to place certain fears in your head, so you avoid the idea altogether. But to equip you with the basics of labour and delivery, it’s essential to attend one of these classes.

Benefits of these classes:
  • Basics of labour and delivery are covered in short and sweet segments
  • It preps you and gives you a good understanding of what delivery day can look like

By Seldean Smith

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