Pregnancy chiropractic care: Here’s why it’s amazing

Pregnancy chiropractic care: Here’s why it’s amazing

Lower back pain and hip pain is kind of the norm for most pregnant woman. What isn’t so “general” however is pregnancy chiropractic care. If you’re not planning to be part of the 50-80% of pregnant women that suffer throughout the process, chiropractic care might definitely become your best friend. And here’s why:

The safety of pregnancy chiropractic care

Pregnancy chiropractic care is essentially health maintenance of the spinal column through the use of pressure point massaging. Of course, you need your doc’s approval before signing up for regular visits to the chiro during pregnancy. Pregnancy chiropractic care is most beneficial for women that suffer from toxaemia, placental abruption or placenta Previa, vaginal bleeding, and ectopic pregnancy.

In most cases, chiropractors are trained to work with pregnant women, but there are a few that specialise in pre-and-post-natal care. That being said, here’s a quick look at why you should be considering this option.


Benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy

1. It may reduce in-utero constraints

During your pregnancy, your body produces more relaxin, which is a hormone that helps you, well relax. This hormone is especially helpful to relax your ligaments and ensure your baby assumes the correct position as you’re moving throughout the day. In some cases, pregnant women experience subluxation which restricts motion in the pelvis. This leads to in-utero constraint, and in that case, your baby is unable to change positions. Since pregnancy chiropractic care reduces stress on mom’s frame, it also helps the baby move freely.


2. A visit to the chiro on a regular basis can shorten labour time

This is definitely one of the best benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy. You see, a chiro can help prep your body for giving birth by ensuring that all joints and the spine are properly aligned. When the posture is corrected, the nervous system link between a mom and her baby is established, which makes the transit into giving birth much smoother. Here’s a fun fact: chiropractic care can lead to 31% shorter labour times.


3. It may improve postpartum recovery

The benefits of chiropractic care extend way beyond pregnancy, all the way into the postpartum period. When women are adjusted before, and after delivering a baby, their bodies recover faster from the delivery process. That’s because the therapy enhances the alignment and flexibility of a mom’s spine, stimulating the nervous system, which promotes a functional spine that’s balanced and healthy.

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