Potty training readiness: Is my baby ready for the next step?

Potty training readiness: Is my baby ready for the next step?

Potty training is one of those milestones that parents love to hate. We’re eager for it to happen so we can stop buying diapers by the bucket load. But we’re also reluctant to start the process because we have no idea what to expect. But when are babies (or toddlers rather) ready to be potty trained? Is there a specific age that all of them should be potty trained at? Or is it something you can wing and play by feel? Let’s take a look at potty training readiness…

All about potty training readiness

What physical signs to kids show when potty training readiness kicks in?

  • They’re coordinated enough to at least walk steadily. Your kid might even be getting good with the running game as well.
  • They urinate a generous amount at a time.
  • Your toddler has regular and well-formed bowel movements. And they have started ‘going’ at regular times.
  • They can go through naps without wetting themselves and often have dry periods of at least two hours. This indicates that bladder muscles are developed to an extent where they’re able to hold pee in for prolonged periods of time.

What behavioural signs do kids show when they’re approaching potty training readiness?

  • Your kid should be able to sit still in one position for anywhere between two and five minutes.
  • They should be able to pull down their pants without assistance and also pull it back up again.
  • Your kid will visibly show his dislike to wearing a wet or soiled diaper.
  • He or she might start showing an interest in the bathroom habits of other people and might insist on watching you go to the bathroom.
  • He’ll tell you or start showing physical signs such as squatting or grunting whenever he has a bowel movement.
  • Your kid is much more independent and shows a tendency to do things on his or her own.
  • Whenever you kid accomplishes something on his or her own, they’ll show you just how proud they are of themselves.

What cognitive signs do kids show to indicate potty training readiness?

  • Your toddler will understand the signals his or her body is sending out when he needs to go number one or number two. Before it happens, your kiddo will tell you or at least feel the need to go to the bathroom.  And he’ll also have the ability to hold it in until he gets there.
  • He has words that he uses to describe stool and urine.

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