Postpartum weight loss tips and tricks

Postpartum weight loss tips and tricks

As a new mom, you might be sleep-deprived, overwhelmed and have an abundance of things on your plate. The last thing you’re worried about is postpartum weight loss because honestly, where do you even start? There’s a LOT of conflicting info about how women can “reclaim their pre-baby bodies”, and unless you’re an expert in the matter, all the information out there is just confusing. That being said, it doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think! Here are some easy steps to help you bounce back after the birth of your baby!

How to do postpartum weight loss with ease

1. Start by setting realistic goals

Always keep your expectations of postpartum weight loss in check. Setting unrealistic goals will only set you up for frustration and ultimately, failure. You’ve got to be patient with yourself. You CAN regain your pre-baby body, but it’ll take time. According to the National Women’s Health Information Center, losing 2kg per week is safe and won’t interfere with your milk supply if you’re breastfeeding. If you gained 20kg during your pregnancy, it can take up to 10 months to shake the weight.


2. Don’t impulsively buy a gym membership

Listen, mama, if you’re planning on going to the gym with a newborn in the house, just stop for a minute and think. You’re already overwhelmed and tired, so where the heck will you find time to go to the gym? When your baby also goes to the gym? There are super cool workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home, which is ideal for those days when you can’t possibly get out of the house.


3. Lift some weights

Cardio alone won’t help you get your pre-baby body back. You need to do some weight training too, and that’s a secret of postpartum weight loss that most women forget about. A balance of activities including HIIT, stretching, and weight training is essential for effective weight loss. Look: you want to change the shape of your body right? So start lifting weights because that’s the most effective way!


4. Adjust your diet, but don’t go on a diet

Don’t go on some crazy I’m-starving-myself-to-lose-weight diet. Those yo-yo diets are fads and totally ineffective. Diets just don’t work; they can actually make you fatter! Your body needs proper nutrition to help you recover from pregnancy. You also need to refuel your body after a workout and ensure your milk supply stays in check if you’re breastfeeding. Focusing on quality over quantity is the key to success, so please don’t do the calorie counting thing.

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