Postpartum hair loss is scary, but it’s totally normal!

Postpartum hair loss is scary, but it’s totally normal!

Pregnancy is a wild ride with surprises and weirdness around every corner. There are cramps and then the nausea, and not even mentioning the swelling. Aside from the ugly hospital gown and the fact that your vagina (or stomach) just survived a natural disaster, giving birth typically spells the end of all this weirdness. But then there’s postpartum hair loss, which is Mother Nature’s parting gift to you.


Is postpartum hair loss natural?

Yes, this freaky phenomenon has a lot of women wondering what the actual hell is going on, but it’s totally normal. Medical professionals call it excessive shedding. We call it crazy. But postpartum hair loss is a very real deal that usually peaks four months after giving birth.


P.S. – If this is your first rodeo, we know you’re freaking out right now, but it’s okay. It’s barely noticeable to anyone else. Well if your husband uses the shower as often as you do, he might notice the clogged drain from all that hair. But that’s about it!


Why is this happening???

When we’re pregnant, our bodies produce a LOT of estrogen. This hormone slows down the usual rate of hair loss. You’re supposed to lose an average of 100 hairs per day, but that all changes when you’re pregnant.


When you’re expecting, estrogen lowers the rate at which your hairs fall out. And as the laws of nature would have it, whatever goes up, must come down. That’s why your estrogen levels start dropping right after giving birth. The shift in hormone levels brings the hair loss rate back down to a normal level.


Now, it’s not only the normal fall out that’s happening. The hairs that stayed put during pregnancy are abandoning the scene as well, and that’s why you feel like you’re going bald. But even though it feels like that, you’re not really going bald.


How can I minimise postpartum hair loss?

  • Try using a volumising shampoo to give your hair some much-needed body
  • Try a fun new hairstyle that involves layers or a short cut that can be worn in a messy style, creating the illusion of volume
  • Don’t apply conditioner too heavily on your roots as this flattens your hair and makes things look worse than they actually are

By Seldean Smith

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