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The insanity of parenthood

While acknowledging the wonderful aspects of the parenting journey, there exists a conscious approach to raising children that also focuses on embracing the madness of it all; with full awareness of the psychological, emotional and spiritual commitment it takes to raise a child, and the potential this has to alter forever a parent’s self-understanding. Raising a child is an invitation to surrender to a different pace. Here are some truths about the insanity of parenthood.


Moms you’ll meet as a new parent

Meeting other moms is one of the most crucial parts of the intro into motherhood. But be warned: it can be a mind-opening experience. Except for the new additions to their families, “mommy-and-me” groups have nothing in common. And all grownups in the group are sleep deprived. Which makes it a crazy social experiment. Here are the types of moms you will meet as a new parent.


Discipline lies all parents tell themselves

Some say we should be firm. Others advise on taking it easy. Some swear by setting boundaries. Others will argue that we all need to loosen up. Although there’s more than one right way to discipline your kids, there are a few popular theories (read: lies) that just don’t work. Here are some of the discipline lies that all parents tell themselves at one stage or another.


Handling bad parenting advice like a pro

We get it: Your baby is your number one priority at the moment. But just like he’s important to you, he’s also important to others. Some folks believe that since you have such a great bond with them, they’re free to deliver unsolicited parenting advice as they please. Your first reaction would probably to grab them by the throat, pull out a wrestling move, and then show them that they shouldn’t be jamming their fingers in other people’s pies, but there’s a much more civil way to handle it. Here are examples of bad parenting advice, followed by advice on how to handle it like a grownup.