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The best articles on parenting activities for families

Family activities the whole family will love

I’m BORED! We bet that a lot of you have heard someone in your family use those words. Most of us have. There are plenty of imaginative things that you can do at home, as a family unit, you just need to put some thought into it and let a playful attitude take the lead. The list of great things that you can all do together is inexhaustible. Here are our favorite family activities.


Best board games for families

Board games are a great way of uniting the whole family. To be honest, who doesn’t love them? Here’s a list of some of the best board games for families:


Best bonding time activities for families

Looking to spend some special time bonding with your spouse and kids but have no clue what to do? Take a look at our collection of activities, perfect for what you have in mind. Guaranteed: they’re some of the best bonding time activities for families ever!


How to do your own family photo shoot

Family photo shoots are amazing. They capture priceless moments and beautifully illustrate the bond and love shared by a family unit. The only downside is that they’re crazy expensive if you use professional photographers. If you’re a budget-conscious family looking for ways to do your own family photo shoot, you’re in luck. Here’s how to get it done, the D.I.Y route.


Fun activities for the kids all across SA

We’ve rounded up some of the best activities for kids across SA. These all promise to be as much fun for the young ones as they will be for parents. Don’t trust us? Read these related articles to learn more about what’s hot and happening in your area: