Parenting teenagers is really awesome, and here’s why!

Parenting teenagers is really awesome, and here’s why!

A lot of people think that parenting gets scarier as your kids get older. We’ve all been there and thought that. We feared the idea of parenting teenagers, wildly afraid of the unknown. But all the negative stuff we hear about teenagers from the moment we announce we’re pregnant is unfair, uncalled for, and almost morbid.


In order to make the most of it, you need to be there for your teens when they need you most. And you can’t be emotionally “there” for them when you’re scared of the experience. It’s when stuff gets confusing when their hearts get bruised, when life gets real, that you need to be there to guide them.


Here are some of the hilarious, wonderful, and beautiful reasons why parenting teenagers is really the coolest part of the parenting journey!


Why you’ll love parenting teenagers

You get to sleep in again

It’s a glorious day when you realise you don’t have to get up at the butt crack of dawn to pour your kid some cereal and switch on the TV. Instead, you get to sleep for 15 more minutes. Which is amazing! You won’t be needed as much, and it’s a bittersweet realisation.


They start maturing financially

It’s hard to watch it go down, but it’s also a proud moment. Seeing your kids willingly and excitedly use their savings to treat the family to pizza or ice-cream is amazing. You’ve raised them with the right mindset, and it’s showing!


You’ll watch them fall in love for the first time

Seeing the light in their eyes or that honey glow on their cheeks. Being there to lend an ear, offer advice, and lean in with a warm, comforting shoulder to cry on when needed. They’re humans now, feeling everything just the way you are.


And you’ll notice the moment when they gain confidence and find themselves

Maybe it’s through some theatre production or a sketch comedy show, but one day you’ll be listening as your kid delivers his or her favourite lines of dialogue and makes a joke in their own voice. You’ll realise that the voice you just heard has grown by leaps and bounds in the years since you swaddled them.


You get to take them to their first real concert

Watching your teens sing and dance like no one is watching  to their favourite bands might be one of the best parts of parenting teenagers.


They still want to snuggle

Even though they say they don’t want cuddles, they do. And they very much will engage in it, as long as it’s behind closed doors.


You can bring them on board to help you work

And perhaps even find that they do some tasks better than you. Enough said.


They’re finally old enough to watch your favourite movies with you

We’re talking about the real movies here, the ones you loved in your pre-parenting days. The movies that have too many F-bombs, inappropriate jokes, sex, nudity and gore. Yeah, it was cute to watch animations with your kids, but life gets WAY better when you get to treat them to classics like The Hangover and Bad Moms.

By Seldean Smith

Seldean is a full-time single mom and avid contributor to the Kiddles website. Her hobbies include discovering awesome new places and spaces for kids and writing content that resonates with the hearts of other parents.

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