Newborn jaundice and how to naturally treat it

Newborn jaundice and how to naturally treat it

Newborn jaundice is just one of the many little quirks about babies when they are born. Although it might frighten the heck out of you to see your baby’s eyes and skin yellowing up, it’s actually a very common condition in newborns and can easily be treated at home.


But what causes newborn jaundice? Mayo Clinic says it’s due to an excess of bilirubin, a yellow pigment of the red blood cells. In most cases, your baby’s liver just needs to mature a little for the jaundice to go away. In very rare cases, it might be an infection that causes the yellow colour. Regardless, it’s always still the best option to discuss any symptoms you notice with your paediatrician as soon as possible. If your baby is diagnosed with jaundice, we’ve got a few ways to naturally treat this very common condition!


How to treat newborn jaundice

Embrace the light

Sunlight is one of the best ways to treat newborn jaundice. Position your feeding chair near a window so your baby gets some sun while you’re nursing. Weather permitting; take your baby out for a stroll so the sun can touch his or her skin.


Nurse often

Feeding your baby often is another great way to treat the condition. Your goal is to help the liver better rid itself of the bilirubin. The more your baby poops, the more you should see the yellow tint subsiding.


Call in the probiotics

Probiotic supplements in newborns can drastically reduce bilirubin levels. If you’re breastfeeding, you can up your own intake of probiotics to pass it on to your baby through breast milk. If you’re bottle-feeding, you can just administer a special infant supplement.


Increase magnesium intake

Taking at least 250mg of magnesium per day while you’re pregnant reduces excess bilirubin levels by as much as 20% in newborn babies. It’s important to take a pregnancy vitamin that contains enough magnesium while you’re expecting or at least consume enough magnesium-rich foods.


If you’ve tried these natural remedies for newborn jaundice without success, it’s important not to let it go untreated. Most babies will probably get over the condition on their own, but that isn’t always the case. When in doubt, head over to the paediatrician and let them take a look.

By Seldean Smith

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