Multiples and schedules: How to make it a reality

Multiples and schedules: How to make it a reality

Taking care of more than one baby is hard work that requires a proper plan. The words multiples and schedules might seem like something impossible to correlate, but with a little planning, it can be done. If you need some help with getting your twins into the same routine, here’s our two cents.


How to make multiples and schedules work

The first thing you want to do in order to get the basics of multiples and schedules in place is to organise. After organising your home, you’ll work on a schedule. Let’s explain it in detail.



Simple changes can make a world of difference in the life of a parent of twins. Here are some tips:

  • You’re better off preparing bottles in advance and ensuring that you have nappies and wet-wipes on hand in just about every corner of the house and your car.
  • Keep the outfits for your twins simple so you can easily swap them if they make a mess.
  • If it’s possible, hire someone to help you with the household chores.
  • Plan a weekly dinner menu at the start of each week and try to keep meals quick and easy to make.
  • Try your hand at online shopping. You can literally buy anything and everything from nappies to food and underwear. It beats braving the shops with multiples.


Set up a schedule

The idea of setting up a schedule might initially be somewhat intimidating, but kids (as well as parents) thrive on routine. Here’s how to tackle multiples and schedules:

  • Although “they” tell us never to wake a sleeping baby, “they” clearly never had to deal with multiples and schedules. If one twin wakes up at night for a midnight feeding session, wake the other twin and feed him too. Chances are your sleeping twin will wake up within an hour in any case, which is a nasty loop to be in. Wake them up there and then and get the show on the road.
  • If you can, match the feeding times of your twins. Try not to feed on demand or individually. Unless of course you don’t like sleeping and want to embrace the zombie look, then go right ahead.
  • Set intentional play times for the babies during the day. This gives them time to interact with each other and spend equal amounts of time awake and active. Eventually, they’ll grow tired at roughly the same time and fall asleep within the same hour.

By Jess Green

Jess is a happy father and avid supporter of kiddles, writing occasionally and keeping the website afloat. His favourite kids activity is hiking and teaching kids about nature.

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