Mothers of girls can ABSOLUTELY relate to this

Mothers of girls can ABSOLUTELY relate to this

Mothers of girls are often considered “lucky” since they get to play dress up with their mini-me’s. But being a girl mom goes much deeper than just fancy pants. Here are some things that all moms of girls will be able to relate to.


Realisations all mother of girls have in their lives

1. Girls can be rowdy and gross, and that’s awesome

Sure girls bring the whole sugar, spice and all things nice game. But they can be straight-up raunchy too. Girls are tough, and if they get knocked down, you can bet they’ll always get up again. Girls just want to have fun, and that fun often involves them banging their heads against the floor.


2. You know every line of Moana and Frozen, and that’s okay

Mothers of girls genuinely love scream-singing along with the soundtracks of these hit movies. They might even be caught listening to them when their kids aren’t even in the car. Although Disney doesn’t always score a home run (sorry, but Belle could definitely do better), Frozen and Moana are amaze!!!


3. There’s a lot of gender BS in the world

Sure our daughters are beautiful, but having someone say how lucky they are for their natural beauty at age four is UNACCEPTABLE. There’s constant attention to the way girls look and dress. And it’s those dumb, sexist stereotypes that we need to fight against.


4. The world doesn’t have enough female superheroes, which kind of sucks

Okay, so there’s Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Poison Ivy, Storm…and that’s pretty much it. Even though there are so few female heroes in the movies, your daughters are still obsessed with them. There’s so much out there for dudes compared to their girly counterparts. Why is this still a problem in our modern age?


5. Threenagers have drama, but so do four-agers, five-agers, and all the rest of them

For the love of all things holy, WHY is all this attitude being thrown around? There’s also a lot of sass, side-eye and verbal annihilation. Girls can throw tantrums from the day they start walking. Of course, they’re not fully-formed drama queens ALL the time. But it happens much more than we expected it would.


6. They are the friends you never knew you wanted

Above all, our daughters are kind, loving, and fun. You had no idea you could do lunch with a 4-year-old and actually enjoy it that much. Yes, you’ve got boundaries and don’t act like their BFF, but your daughter is an absolute joy to be around. This is of course when she’s not screaming at you or being gross.


By Seldean Smith

Seldean is a full-time single mom and avid contributor to the Kiddles website. Her hobbies include discovering awesome new places and spaces for kids and writing content that resonates with the hearts of other parents.

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