Most expensive schools in SA

Most expensive schools in SA

Even though our economy took a knock in 2018, South African parents are still prepared to pay the highest price to ensure their kids have access to the best education they can afford. After adjusting their fee structures, the most expensive schools in SA are now charging staggering tuition fees.


How much do the most expensive schools in SA charge?

With their tuition and boarding fees, South Africa is home to 17 schools that all charge at or above R200,000 per year. Michaelhouse is currently the most expensive in the country. It is closely followed by long-time market leader Hilton College. Third, fourth and fifth place goes to St Andrew’s College, Roedean School for Girls, and Kearnsney College, respectively.


The most expensive schools in SA all have the element of prestige, tradition and stunning facilities on offer. In general, these fees cover tuition, boarding, activities, medical attention, the use of the sanatorium, library and laundry facilities. Fees also cover basic entertainment for the students as well as transportation to and from school sporting events.


A roundup of the most expensive schools in SA

1. Michaelhouse

Located in Balgowan, Michaelhouse is currently South Africa’s most expensive school and charges R265,680 per year.


2. Hilton College

Hilton College was the leader in its field for years. Located in Hilton, this school charges R253,660 per year.


3. St Andrew’s College

St Andrew’s College in Grahamstown has tuition fees of R252,990 per year.


4. Rodean School

The Roedean School for Girls, based in Johannesburg charges a fee of R252,341 annually.


5. Kearnsney College

Botha’s Hill is where you can find Kearnsney College. The college is renowned for its top-notch facilities bur has a tuition fee of roughly R242,220 per year.


6. Bishops

Located in Rondebosch, Bishops is a boarding school that has an annual tuition of R240,380.


7. St Mary’s School

The St Mary’s School in Waverly is a convent school for girls that charges an an annual fee of R234,540.


8. St Andrews School for Girls

Located in Senderwood, St Andres School for Girls comes in at 8th place with an annual tuition-and-boarding fee of R233,810.


9. St Stithians

Johannesburg’s St Stithians College comes in as one of the ‘cheaper’ elite schools in South Africa with a tuition fee of R232,640 per year.


10. St Martin’s School

Located in Rosettenville, St Martin’s School comes in as the most affordable elite school in SA with tuition fees of R232,120 per year.


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