Morning habits for kids you really need to start implementing

Morning habits for kids you really need to start implementing

If your little human isn’t much of a morning person, perhaps it’s time to pull out some morning habits for kids to help get them into the right gear!


Best morning habits for kids

Don’t use the snooze button

Getting your morning routine started as soon as possible is key to a good morning routine. A lot of kids rely on the snooze button as part of their routine, but it’s very counterproductive. Instead of using it, start using healthier morning habits for kids that won’t delay their start to their day.


Get dressed before heading out of the room

It’s fun to wander around in your PJ’s all day, but when it’s a rushed morning, there’s no time for silly games like these. Those days are better left for the weekend. During the week, it’s essential to get up, dress up, and get out the door as soon as possible. Help them choose their outfits the night before so they can step out of bed and into their clothes in the morning.


Feed them a healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast is one of the best morning habits for kids and one of the best ways to get their brains ready for a long day of learning. Granola or cereal isn’t enough because you need something that contains enough healthy fats, whole grains, and some protein in order to boost brain power. Instead of the sugary fare, have your kids sit down for a proper breakfast meal like oats, avocado on toast or even some leftovers from last night’s dinner. There isn’t a rule that says you can’t have chicken and waffles for breakfast.


Put on some of their favourite jams

Music is great in the mornings because it can really help get them moving and get their creative juices flowing. Play something energetic that everyone enjoys and leave it on in the background while you all get ready for the day.


Make time for meditation or prayer

A few quiet minutes of self-reflection is good for the mind, body, and soul and can help your kids start their day feeling centred. It also holds educational benefits. Kids that practice mindfulness every day have improved memory and knowledge retention. It also makes them feel less stressed and increases their sense of wellbeing.

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