Moms are superhuman, and here’s why

Moms are superhuman, and here’s why

Moms are superhuman, and if you haven’t noticed that modern moms wear more hats today than ever before, we’re about to prove that fact. Moms across the world juggle work, activities, housework, homework, and everything in-between. Thanks to the hidden talents of motherhood, they do all this and more, without complaining about their no-pay job. Here’s how to spot a mom from miles away:


Why moms are superhuman

They sense illness before it presents itself

As a mom, you have a sixth sense for sickness. You’re able to diagnose a fever before your hand even touches your kid’s forehead. Just one look at the glazed and gloss look in little eyes staring up at you has you knowing exactly what to do. Moms are superhuman because they also know the difference between colds and allergies with surprising accuracy. All they need to make a diagnosis is a symptom list and a quick recap of previous sniffle episodes.


Moms soothe like nobody’s business

There’s something about a mother’s touch that can ease most of the maladies of childhood. Whether it’s skinned knees or hurt feelings, even the worst of nightmares, mom’s gentle reassurance makes everything better. As a mom, you have the ability to kiss the pain away and soften the blows. It’s a humbling privilege to hold so much of a child’s comfort in your hands. Even though your kisses don’t hold actual healing powers, your kids don’t know that.


Mothers know when meltdowns are about to hit

To your husband, leaving the crus on your kid’s sarmie seems like no biggie, but you know better. It’s almost like a slow motion show. You see the plate being placed in front of your toddler, and you start counting down the seconds until the wailing and the meltdown hits. As a mom, you know what sparks an outburst. It’s a talent that isn’t super, but it does come in handy. Like in the store. And at the park. Even in your living room. You’ve survived enough temper tantrums to know exactly what’ll set your kid off. And you know how and when to brace yourself for impact. You have the ability to see the clouds gathering before the rain starts to fall.


They know when kids are lying

As a mom, you never want to believe that your kid will be dishonest with you, but the fact is, it happens anyway. The good thing is that moms are living, breathing lie detectors. Whether it’s the grin your kid fakes when he’s lying or the way they hold their hands behind their back, you know when something isn’t ringing true.

By Seldean Smith

Seldean is a full-time single mom and avid contributor to the Kiddles website. Her hobbies include discovering awesome new places and spaces for kids and writing content that resonates with the hearts of other parents.

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