Mom advice: What moms should teach their daughters

Mom advice: What moms should teach their daughters

When it comes to mom advice, the kind of tips and tricks that were passed on to us from our mothers are golden. Here are some of the basics that we love and reckon all moms should aim to teach their daughters


Mom advice we absolutely love

Deal with it

Some of us were told we need to deal with what we did and learn from it. Although it might have felt like your mom was unfeeling if she said this to you, she was actually teaching you lessons you needed.


Find the humour in the situation

In every little occurrence in life, there is a funny storing hiding somewhere. Stories that include love and humanity that can change the moment or even your entire life for the better.


It’s your life

This is one of the best ways moms can help their kids grow up and help them realize what life is going to be like depending on how you perceive it. This is also a great way for moms to help their kids take responsibility for their decisions and ultimately, the person they’ll become one day. Perhaps this mom advice is one of the best snippets out there.


You have to be happy at home before you can be happy anywhere else

Back in the day, most moms were reserved and gentle, which is why they could show us what it took to be happy at home. Once you accept yourself and embrace who it is you are, you’ll be able to lead a happy life, regardless of where in the world you are.


Sometimes, pretend you’re the babysitter

On the roughest of days, just pretend that you’re the babysitter. Babysitters don’t feel bad for feeding the kids pizza and ice cream of allowing them to binge a few episodes of Paw Patrol. Plus, babysitters have fun. They don’t do dishes and they don’t do laundry. On the roughest of days, let this option be your escape.


It’s okay to spoil in the right way

It’s fine to spoil your kids happy as long as you’re spoiling them with love and attention instead of possessions and material things. Your kids will only be little for so long. They’ll only want your attention for so long. Spend as much time with them as possible, because before you know it, they’ll let go of your hand and never reach out for it again.

By Seldean Smith

Seldean is a full-time single mom and avid contributor to the Kiddles website. Her hobbies include discovering awesome new places and spaces for kids and writing content that resonates with the hearts of other parents.

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