Stretch-n-Grow offers action packed health and fitness programmes for children aged 18 months to 12 years.  Our programmes are designed to develop and promote good health and exercise habits from an early age.  We make fitness fun!

Stretch-n-Grow is the world’s largest network of children’s fitness professionals. Each week we teach over 100,000 children in 15 countries around the world to “exercise and eat what’s wise”!

We offer a true one-stop shop, with the following programmes, to suit all children’s ages, stages and tastes:


Ages: 18months – 6 years old

  • Key focus on wellness issues such as nutrition, safety, proper rest, self-esteem and hygiene, emphasised weekly.
  • Something new and different each week.
  • Action-packed, non-stop fitness fun
  • Adventure themed classes where every child is the focus – no waiting in line.
  • EXERciting games and activities promote healthy eating, proper rest and hygiene.
  • Motor skill development, coordination, ball skills, rhythm, balance and so much more.


Ages: 3-6

Dancing Stars is a Ballet and Creative Movement Programme. Ballet is the foundation for all forms of dance and our curriculum is designed to teach our children a life-long love of dance and movement. Every class is imaginative and engaging! Your dancer will learn both arm and foot positions as well as 15-20 ballet terms that are incorporated in our performance numbers for each recital!


Ages: 3-12 years

We bring the dance floor to you with Kids Dance Party!

Your kids will have a BLAST as they learn to move-n-grove. With Kids Dance Party in the house, there’s no sitting down!  Crazy, FUN and energetic Hip Hop & Funk modern dance moves to age-appropriate music.  Great for boys and girls, dance builds concentration, coordination, recall and reaction time.


Ages: 6-10 years

Our action-packed Fitness Boot Camp classes are specifically designed to get 6-10 year olds moving, using energizing music that kids know and love along with fitness equipment and amazing props to add variety and challenge to every class!


Ages: 3+

Stretch-n-Grow offers year-round sports classes at your child’s school for ages 3+. Our All Star Sports programme incorporates the fundamentals of each sport, along with new skills, drills, sequences and exciting games, all designed to encourage and develop healthy, sport and fitness focused children.

We aim to improve broad-based sports skills and develop confident sports players, in a fun, safe and encouraging learning environment. In keeping with the Stretch-n-Grow philosophies we emphasise the importance of regular exercise as a lifetime habit and also focus on teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, discipline and sports safety. Learners will get to experience sports skills, drills and friendly matches across all sporting codes and will be comfortable moving from one sport activity / skill to another.

  • Classes held in the school environment, as well as privately.
  • Contact us for more information on franchise opportunities, birthday parties, holiday programmes and loads more!