Life secrets from your grandmother you need to keep in mind

Life secrets from your grandmother you need to keep in mind

The world has undergone massive changes since our grannies started out in the momming business. We live in a world that’s louder, busier, and offers much less time to get everything done. We’re blessed to have some conveniences that our grandmothers couldn’t even dream of, like online shopping and drive-thru everything. But as a modern mom, have you traded convenience for some seriously helpful secrets from your grandmother? We reckon we all have, and here’s why

Secrets from your grandmother you need to teach your kids

The importance of gardening

The home garden is an art form that’s losing its magic, but it’s a secret from your grandmother you should keep close to your heart. When kids learn to grow their own produce, they’ll get to enjoy the fresh produce from their efforts. It can also provide you with the perfect opportunity to teach your little humans where their food comes from and what kind of work goes into making it all happen. Kids these days think that all foods come from the supermarket, but that’s so sad and so very wrong.


Don’t toss it because it’s broken

Our grandmothers believed that anything could be fixed. Back then, when something in the house was broken, they were forced to fix it because there simply wasn’t enough moola to replace it. Nowadays, when something breaks, we toss it and just get a newer, better version. And when you think about how much money you’ve wasted on just replacing broken things, it’s enough to make your stomach churn. With a plethora of YouTube videos that instruct you on fixing ANYTHING, we really have no excuse for throwing something away just because it went a little haywire.


Cooking and Baking is more than just a daily task

Walking into a house where some freshly baked goodies just came out of the oven immediately takes you back to your childhood days, doesn’t it? It’s like heaven. Sadly, cooking and baking, just like gardening, has become a lost art. Yes, life with kids is HECTIC and preparing meals from scratch requires a LOT of effort, but it doesn’t always have to! There are some seriously cool recipes out there that can help you turn out a loaf of fresh bread in under an hour. Plus kitchen gadgets can also help you prep and cook food a lot faster these days. We’re not stuck in the Stone Age, so everything can be simplified with just a little careful planning.


If you do nothing else, at least teach your kids good manners

When we were growing up, manners and etiquette was a big deal, and the learning was mostly aimed towards girls. Heck, our moms and grandmothers even had books and magazines that taught them how to properly address men, go about the courtship process, and how to set up a dinner table to woo a husband. We’re not sure where things went south, but good manners are pretty much the dodo in most kids today. Of course, we shouldn’t be like drill sergeants with our kids. But the basics like saying please and thank you are essential. It’s also important for kids to respect their elders and quit interrupting adults when they’re talking.

By Seldean Smith

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