Kid-friendly restaurants in Durban

Kid-friendly restaurants in Durban

When was the last time you headed out for dinner as a family? It can seem much easier said than done to find kid-approved joints, but with a little planning, it’s really not that hard. To give you a helping hand, we’ve rounded up a list containing the best kid-friendly restaurants in Durban.


Top 5 kid-friendly restaurants in Durban

O&O Café

If your kids love the idea of making their own pizza, O&O Café is the place to go! They can also play to their hearts’ content on the large jungle gym, which is safely in view of the restaurant. On weekends, kids are able to enjoy the fun that the bouncy castle offers. As for the menu, parents will love the Mediterranean-inspired menu and harvest table. They also have some great craft beer and cocktails on the menu that will help the parental unit kick back and relax for a change.

Area: Westville

Call: 031 266 1391


Pallet Jack’s

Pallet Jack’s looks too good to be true, and its décor happens to be just one of its fascinating aspects. The joint has large enclosed slides, climbing frames, and a giant suspended aircraft where the kids are able to play all day. It literally resembles what we imagine a kid heaven would look like. They serve some great freshly brewed coffee, wood-fired pizzas, and homemade pasta that cater to the whole family’s needs.

Area: Hillcrest

Call: 031 451 9680

Circus Circus Beach Café

With its Adirondack chairs dotting the promenade-flanking front area, Circus Circus Beach Café is great for diners of all ages. It also has a splendid sea view, which just seals the deal. The kids can check out the sandpit and jungle gym. If you have dogs, bring them too because this restaurant caters for four-legged family members as well!

Area: North Beach

Call: 031 557 7700


Marula’s Café

Covering all bases from Portuguese to Japanese, the intriguing menu at Marula’s Café is a great change of scenery for parents. The kids can keep themselves entertained in the dedicated play area that has a jungle gym, arcade games, and those cool retro gumball machines.

Area: Durban

Call: 031 266 7600


Blue Zoo

Located in Mitchell Park, Blue Zoo is one of Durban’s oldest restaurants and is the ideal place to be on a sunny day. It’s one of the best kid-friendly restaurants in Durban. The restaurant serves up light meals and some impressive signature dishes, like their duck l’orange, all served under a canopy of trees. Kids can meet Admiral, the 104-year old tortoise, or watch the flamingoes in Durban’s only zoo.

Area: Durban

Call: 031 303 3568


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