Internet trends moms follow but secretly wish would disappear

Internet trends moms follow but secretly wish would disappear

The web is wonderful, but it’s also home to a ton of content that can leave moms feeling like crap about how they’re doing as parents. Most internet trends moms follow out are superficial and just plain dumb.


Like “I am so humble” bloggers that describe, in detail, how their kids love spinach. Here are some other super annoying things on the web that make moms feel like they’re not living up to the internet’s expectations.


Internet trends moms across the world secretly hate

1. Bento Boxes

For the love of all things holy, where do the moms out there find the time (or energy) to turn a cucumber and some bread into animal faces? Regular moms barely have enough time to cut the crusts of sandwiches. Just one glance at Pinterest makes it seem like every other parent out there are master lunch sculptors. Seriously? Why can’t sandwiches just be cut in half?


2. Organisation Ideas

According to the web, we’re all supposed to have walk-in pantries where everything is organised in clear containers that are labelled with gold cursive writing. But in reality, we have a variety of plastic containers, shoved into crumb-filled cupboards of our tiny kitchens. You’ll also find stacks of macaroni and cheese instant meal packs because right now, that’s where you’re at with your kid’s eating habits. Honestly, following these neat freaks will never bring you any joy.


3. Crafts

Okay so this one we intentionally placed at number three, so it wouldn’t immediately catch your eye. Crafts are demon spawn. And it’s an internet trend moms just want gone from their lives. Why do we hate it so much? Because it’s a reminder of all the artsy, handmade activities, you’re not doing with your kids. Come on, who really wants to build a leprechaun trap for St. Patrick’s Day anyway?


4. Healthy Recipes

Isn’t it wonderful to see yet another “healthy & kid-approved” recipe on your newsfeed? Yeah, we get it, nutrition is important. But these silly posts are just reminders of all the things we’re failing at as parents. Also, don’t try to sell the idea that your kid “eats what you eat”, because that’s just BS. You’re not a great parent just because your kid is a great eater. You’re just lucky. Stop gloating and let us get back to preparing hot dogs for our kids. Thank you.


5. Extravagant Baby Birthdays

We all want to celebrate the first birthday in our baby’s life. But does it really need to be an event that’s catered for and decorated with floral arrangements? Also, why are you doing pony rides at a 1st birthday? Kids don’t ride horses at that age. You do know that right? Most of us don’t throw proper birthday parties for our kids until they’re like 3. After all, the party is for the KID, and not for you blogger mom.

By Seldean Smith

Seldean is a full-time single mom and avid contributor to the Kiddles website. Her hobbies include discovering awesome new places and spaces for kids and writing content that resonates with the hearts of other parents.

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