How to teach your kids to stop interrupting you

How to teach your kids to stop interrupting you

Trying to have a real conversation with a friend while your kids are still young sounds impossible, we know. With all the interruptions from your little human, it’s hard to keep track of a conversation. Even though interrupting behaviour is perfectly normal for young kids, it’s annoying as hell. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at how you can teach your kids to stop interrupting you every single time you open your mouth.


Why you need to teach your kids to stop interrupting you

The reason why most kids interrupt adult conversation is that they feel like sharing something interesting or relevant, and we don’t get their point. Toddlers do it because they can’t yet regulate their impulses.

Preschoolers interrupt us because they want to feel like they belong. They want to join in on our conversations. When kids get older, they tend to interrupt us because they have opinions that differ from ours, and they feel like sharing is caring.

This means that kids are either too young, too impulsive or don’t have the tools they need to respectfully interrupt a conversation. In any and all cases, you need to give them a helping hand.


How to teach your kids to stop interrupting you

Show them what respectful communication and attentive listening is

Starting at an early age, introduce your kids to the idea of taking part in a respectful conversation. One of the easiest ways to do this is by being a leading example.


Try using a hand signal

You can try gently holding your kid’s hand to let them know that you see them but that you are not ready to listen to them yet. You can have a specific signal for a short waiting period and another for a longer waiting period. This will help your kids understand how long they’ll have to wait before they get to have their say in the matter.


If you must, interrupt your child mindfully

Sometimes we have to interrupt our kids, but if you do it right, they’ll learn from your example. If you have to interrupt your kiddo, always ensure you use the words ‘excuse me’, ‘pardon me’ or ‘is this a good time?’ By showing them how it’s done, your kids will be much more likely to model the same behaviour.


Adjust your expectations

Learning not to interrupt adult conversations will take a lot of time and practice. Even growing kids make mistakes. Sometimes they’re overly excited and need to share something with you RIGHT AWAY. They don’t plan on interrupting you because they’re rude or don’t respect your needs.


By Jess Green

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